Our qualified team will take care of every detail of your project

Minix home can be installed in your yard in as few as seven months. Our expert team handle every part of installation, from securing building permits and project management to installation.  You can focus on the things that truly matter. Minix home is designed for solar that is ready for the next generation of clean energy solutions

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creative and sustainable design

Minix Home interiors are professionally designed by professional designers, super durable, and beautiful. Designed and crafted in the USA, Minix is probably the most beautiful compact living space in the world. Minix Inc sells the Mini Home structure in compliance with the International Residential Code.


Build the future with us.

We’re an Silicon Valley based team of designers, architects and software, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing engineers working together to create the future of ADU homebuilding. And we’re just getting started.


Freedom delivered

Minix Home structures are easily portable and transportable, allowing you to change locations at your convenience, explore new places, and enjoy different views from your windows. Moving these structure is a simple process, and we can help you deliver your unit to any location on the planet, including mountains, islands, sandy beaches, or even your backyard.

How it works

Discover your possibilities with ADU specialist about your Minix Home. We’ll chat about budget, build and your backyard and perform a remote site assessment which is a fancy way of saying we’ll check satellite imagery of your backyard to see if an Minix Home fits.

Meet our friendly Showroom Guide, see an Minix Home up close and get all your questions answered on an in-person tour. Schedule an appointment or just drop by.

You’ll find us in Palo Alto bay area.

Through on site consultation with a non-refundable fee $500, your Minix manager will figure out where to put your Minix, how to connect utilities and when installation of your Minix take place. We’ll go deep into your specific lot, walk you through all your design choices, and share a more refined project quote so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your build.

Your Minix sale manager will walk you through your unique Minix project and the costs associated with your Minix options and upgrades and site work. 

While you’re dreaming of where to hang the“Home Sweet Home” sign, our pre-construction team will handle creating your plan set and obtaining permits. During phase 1, we will also secure subcontractors and present you with a final quote so we can begin building! 

We’ll prepare your backyard for your Minix home. This means getting the foundations right and setting up utilities so your Minix is well connected.

Your RV will be delivered to your home by truck. The full installation, exterior and interior finishing, and utility can take a few months. Then you’re ready to move in, drive and enjoy your Minix RV! 

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We aim to redefine the way people think of portable rental housing. Passionate about details we create the self-contained living space and make freedom delivered to every customer.

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